Rivaroxaban and early periprostethic joint infection: our experience

Rivaroxaban and early periprostethic joint infection: our experience


  • Paolo Di Benedetto
  • Andrea Zangari
  • Dania De Franceschi
  • Enrico Daniele Di Benedetto
  • Vanni Cainero
  • Alessandro Beltrame
  • Renato Gisonni
  • Araldo Causero


acute early periprostethic joint infection, Rivaroxaban, Total Hip Arthroplasty


Background and aim of the work: Periprostethic joint infection (PJI) is a severe post-operative complication after Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA). According to the classification of PJI early acute PJI occurs within 4 weeks from surgery. Some authors think that Rivaroxaban is a risk factor in the incidence of early acute PJI. We analyze our experience about this item. Materials and methods: We analyze our experience from 1st January 2015 to 31th December 2016. We consider all consecutive hip arthroplasty implants in this period. Results: In the 205 patients analysed we not find early acute PJI in Rivaroxaban group nor in the others assuming another kind of thromboprophylaxis. Conclusions: In our series there is no evidence of association between Rivaroxaban and early acute PJI. This is a retrospective cohort study, so we need more studies and more robust experimental designs to confirm these results. 







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