Ultrasound-guided percutaneous irrigation of calcific tendinopathy: technical developments

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Francesco Pagnini
Fabiano Vito D'Amuri
Andrea Bevilacqua
Vittorio Sabatino
Umberto Russo
Marcello Zappia
Raffaele Natella
Pierpaolo Palumbo
Silvia Pradella
Vittorio Miele
Massimo De Filippo


rotator cuff, shoulder, ultrasound-guided procedures, calcific tendinopathy, percutaneus treatments


Rotator cuff calcific tendinopathy (RCCT) is a common and painful shoulder disease characterised  by deposition of calcium into the rotator cuff’s tendond. Different therapeutic options have been proposed, but the ultrasound-guided percutaneous irrigation (US-PICT) is been proved as an effective and safe first-line treatment. It can be performed with a single- of a double-needle tecnique, using warm saline solution to improve the dissolution of the calcific deposit. The procedure is ended with an intrabursal injection of local anaesthetics and slow-release steroids to improve the pain relief and to prevent complications. US-PICT leads to significative improvement in the shoulder funtion and pain relief in the short and long term, with a low complications rate.


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