Anterior chest wall non-traumatic diseases: a road map for the radiologist

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Susanna Guerrini
Giulio Bagnacci
Antonio Barile
Ernesto La Paglia
Francesco Gentili
Luca Luzzi
Nicola Giordano
Antonella Fioravanti
Francesca Bellisai
Luca Cantarini
Luca Volterrani
Bruno Frediani
Maria Antonietta Mazzei


anterior chest wall, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, DECT, sternocostoclavicular joint.


The anterior chest wall (AWC) non-traumatic pathologies are largely underestimated, and early detection through imaging is becoming increasingly important. This paper aims to review the major non-traumatic ACW pathologies, with a particular interest in imaging features and differential diagnosis.


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