Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2008-12-01


The dilemma of the Nonthyroidal Illness Syndrome

R. M. Lechan
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Page 165-171


Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants:environmental contamination, human body burden and potentialadverse health effects

L. G. Costa, G. Giordano, S. Tagliaferri, A. Caglieri, et al.
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Page 172-183

Original articles

DNA context and promoter activity affect gene expression inlentiviral vectors

G. Mao, F. Marotta, J. Yu, L. Zhou, et al.
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Page 192-196

Lung function measurements in traditional bakers

D. Patouchas, G. Efremidis, K. Karkoulias, N. Zoumbos, et al.
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Page 197-204

Clinical efficacy, safety and tolerability of BIO-C® (micronizedSilymarin) as a galactagogue

F. Di Pierro, A. Callegari, D. Carotenuto, M. M. Tapia
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Page 205-210

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU): a useful alternativechoice in prostate cancer treatment. Preliminary results

U. Maestroni, M. Ziveri, N. Azzolini, F. Dinale, et al.
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Page 211-216

Case Reports

Extracranial Internal Carotid Artery Aneurysms: case report of asaccular wide-necked aneurysm and review of the literature

L. Biasi, M. Azzarone, A. De Troia, P. Salcuni, et al.
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Page 217-222

The “Cascade” membrane: a new PRP device for tendon ruptures.Description and case report on rotator cuff tendon

P. Maniscalco, D. Gambera, A. Lunati, G. Vox, et al.
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Page 223-226

Cosmetic amputation of the fourth ray as possible outcome of thetraumatic amputation of the ring finger injury: a case report

A. Pedrazzini, F. Calderazzi, N. Bertoni, F. Ceccarelli
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Page 227-232

The “wall-socket” technique. Proposal of a new surgical procedure forrevision acetabular arthroplasty

A. E. Salvi, M. Pezzoni, S. Salvi, P. A. Gozzini
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Page 233-239

Occult large epiphyseal solitary plasmacytoma at multidetector rowcomputer tomography detected by magnetic resonance imaging

M. De Filippo, F. Pogliacomi, U. Albisinni, et al.
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Page 240-245

Acute kidney injury due to rhabdomyolysis-associated gangrenousmyositis

E. F. Daher, R. S.A. Lima, G. B. Silva Júnior, J. P.C. Almeida, et al.
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Page 246-251

Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in selective humangonadotropin deficiency in adult man: a case report

R. Volpi, M. C. Ugolotti, A. Carbucicchio, R. Delsignore
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Page 251-254

Up to date

Type 1 diabetes mellitus in the African population: epidemiology andmanagement challenges

E. S. Majaliwa, B. E. Jerome Elusiyan, O. O. Adesiyun, P. Laigong, et al.
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Page 255-259

International Cooperation

Treatment of congenital anomalies in a missionary hospital inBangladesh: results of 17 paediatric surgical missions

C. Del Rossi, S. Fontechiari, E. Casolari, V. Fainardi, et al.
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Page 260-263