Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2011-09-01


Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID): from molecular basisto clinical management

I. Sponzilli, L.D. Notarangelo
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Page 5-13

Prophylactic central neck dissection for papillary thyroid carcinoma:the terms of the debate

P. Gradoni, D. Giordano, G. Oretti, et al.
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Original articles

Care to relieve pain-stress in preterm newborns

C. Di Gioia, R. Bracceschi, C. Copioli et al.
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 20-25

Certolizumab: efficacy and safety profile of a novel pegylatedTNF-alpha blocking agent

E. Lubrano, A. Spadaro
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 26-34

Hepatoprotective activity of a phytotherapeutic formula onthioacetamide - induced liver fibrosis model

M.K. Kantah, R. Kobayashi, J. Sollano et al.
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Case Reports

Lichen sclerosus: a review of the literature and a case of an atypicsurgical treatment

F. Ziglioli, S. Fornia, M. Ciuffreda et al.
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 243

Page 59-65

Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension: Take care to a“favourable” apparently evolution. A case report

W. Serra, D. Oliviero, A. Chetta et al.
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Page 66-70

Use of a diode Laser in an excisional biopsy of two spoonlikeneoformations on the tongue tip

A. Tarullo, L. Laino, A. Tarullo et al.
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Desmoplastic fibroma of the mandible

R. Averna, M. De Filippo, S. Ferrari et al.
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Page 77-81

A rare location of Crohn’s disease: the nasal mucosa

R. Pellicano, R. Sostegni, C. Sguazzini et al.
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 520

Page 82-84