Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2011-06-01


Psychiatric and neuropsychological manifestations of sistemic lupuserythematosus

P. Fietta, P. Fietta, G. Delsante
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Page 97-114

Original articles

Psysical activity and sedentary lifestyle in children with type 1diabetes: a multicentre Italian Study

V. Fainardi, C. Scarabello, A. Cangelosi, L. Fanciullo
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 87

Page 124-131

Differences between ethnic minority and native children in breakfasthabits

G. Monti, D. Gkliati, L. Fanciullo, C. Mastrorilli
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 48

Page 132-136

Endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteric reflux in paediatric patients:results of a long-term study

A. A. Scarpa, C. D. Rossi, E. Casolari, C. Gatti
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Page 137-145

Changes of spleen dendritic cells in the terminal stage of multipleorgan dysfunction syndrome

L. Jiangyang, L. Quian, W. Xiaohong, Y. Yi
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 146-153

Case Reports

The use of Collatamp EG in total hip arthroplasty

G. Logroscino, G. Malerba, E. Pagano, A. Ziranu
Abstract 254 | PDF Downloads 75

Page 154-159

Focus on

Carcinoma in situ (CIS) of the testis

F. Ziglioli, U. Maestroni, F. Dinale, M. Ciuffreda
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 162-169