Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2012-06-01


The value of the calcium binding protein S100 in the management of patients with traumatic brain injury

P. Schiavi, C. Iaccarino, F. Servadei
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Page 5-20

Functional foods in genomic medicine: a review of fermented papaya preparation research progress

F. Marotta, R. Catanzaro, H. Yadav, et al.
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Page 21-29

Original articles

Children with type 1-diabetes from ethnic minorities. Vulnerable patients needing a tailored medical support

M. Vanelli, A.M. Cangelosi, L. Fanciullo, et al.
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 30-35

Intestinal immune-potentiation by a purified alkylglycerols compound

M.K. Kantah, H. Wakasugi, A. Kumari, et al.
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 70

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Case Reports

Compartment syndrome after viper-bite in toddler: case report and review of literature

Z. Pietrangiolillo, R. Frassoldati, V. Leonelli, et al.
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Unusual form of cutaneous infiltration by cancer

A. Zucchi, F. Aimi, A. Cardis, et al.
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 67

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Incidental diagnosis of thoracic ganglioneuroblastoma in a 3 years old female with wheezing

L. Lucaccioni, E. Bigi, C.C. Garcinuno et al.
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Collatamp sponges in the management of open fractures

V. Ciriello, G. Maccauro, A. Ziranu, et al.
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Focus on

Biases in bone metabolism studies

M. Borderi, P. Viale
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Up to date

Tumor necrosis factors blocking agents: analogies and differences

M. Benucci, G. Saviola, M. Manfredi, et al.
Abstract 237 | PDF Downloads 153

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Letters to the Editor