Acta Bio Medica

Published: 19-06-2013


Professor Loris Borghi new Rector (2013-2019) of the University of Parma

Maurizio Vanelli
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Non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and cardiovascular risk

Andrea Fanelli, Patrizia Romualdi, Roberto Vigano', Pierangelo Lora Aprile, Gianfranco Gensini, Guido Fanelli
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Effect of long-term administration of sildenafil on lipid profile and organ functions in hyperlipidemic rats

Abubakr M. El-Mahmoudy, Saad M. Shousha, Hussein Abdel-Maksoud, Omayma AbouZaid
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Testing a novel bioactive marine nutraceutical on osteoarthritis patients

Roberto Catanzaro, Aldo Lorenzetti, Umberto Solimene, Nicola Zerbinati, Michele Milazzo, Gulcip Celep, Chiara Sapienza, Angelo Italia, Ascanio Polimeni, Francesco Marotta
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Distal radius articular fractures: a comparison between ORIF with angular stability plate and percutaneous Kirschner wires.

Vincenzo Tronci, Gabriele Campochiaro, Gabriele Gazzotti, Manuela Rebuzzi, Christos Tsatsis, Fabio Catani
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Early neurological injury after cardiac surgery: insights from a single centre prospective study

Francesco Nicolini, Francesco Maestri, Claudio Fragnito, Loredana Belli, Laura Malchiodi, Antonella Venazzi, Andrea Agostinelli, Alan Gallingani, Luigina De Carlo, Tiziano Gherli
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A sturgeon-derived bioactive compound beneficially modulates nuclear receptors controlling metabolic functions in patients with metabolic syndrome

Francesco Marotta, Aldo Lorenzetti, Roberto Catanzaro, Nicola Zerbinati, Shalini Jain, Umberto Solimene, Santos K. Yaduvanshi, Hariom Yadav, Chiara Sapienza, Nalini Srivastava, Michele Milazzo, Angelo Italia
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Individualized Therapy for Complicated Cranial Defect: A Case Report

Nanze Yu, Zhifei Liu, Hailin Zhang, Xiaojun Wang
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Late interventricular septal defect after blunt chest trauma: a case report and a review of the licterature

Alberto Molardi, Francesco Nicolini, Igino Spaggiari, Francesco Maestri, Tiziano Gherli
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Focus on

Is spinal anaesthesia a suitable technique for ultra-short outpatient procedures?

Andrea Fanelli, Daniela Ghisi, Massimo Allegri
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Medicine and wagering: same terms, different concepts.

Andrea Alberto Conti
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