Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2010-09-01


Biphasic insulin treatment in type 2 diabetes patients

D. Pitocco, F. Zaccardi
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 85-86


CT Coronary Angiography for the follow-up of coronary stent

F. Cademartiri, E. Maffei, A. Palumbo et al.
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 34

Page 87-93

Osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease: local treatment optionsupdate

B. Palmieri, D. Lodi, S. Capone
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 94-100

Original articles

Surgical vascular access in the porcine model for long-term repeatedblood sampling

C. Lombardo, G. Damiano, G. Cassata et al.
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 101-103

Bleeding in orthopedic surgery: role of blood transfusion and erythropoietin alpha

F. Soviero, A. Geraci, S. Termine et al.
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 125-129

What's happened to paraphrenia? A case-report and review of the literature

L. Pelizza, Bonazzi Federica
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 108

Page 130-140

Caesarean delivery through deliberate posterior hysterotomy in irriducible uterine torsion: case report

A. De Ioris, C. Pezzuto, G.B. Nardelli et al.
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 141-143

Apparent Life Threatening Event and gastric antral ulcer in a full-term infant: any possible relationship?

P.L. Bacchini, E. Romanini, C. Magnani et al.
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 144-146

Hourglass cystic schwannoma of the trochlear nerve

T. Bartalena, C. Leoni, M. Pastore Trossello et al.
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 147-150