Impact of the economic crisis on mental health: report of a multidisciplinary seminar held in Sassuolo (Modena), June 17th, 2016 / Impatto della crisi economica sulla salute mentale: resoconto di un seminario multidisciplinare tenuto a Sassuolo (Modena),

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Chiara Visentini
Giorgio Mattei
Fabriziomaria Gobba
Giuseppe Giubbarelli
Silvia Ferrari



The 2008-2009 financial crisis and consequent austerity measures have limited considerably available resources for health care in general and mental health in particular. At the same time, the crisis itself has increased health care needs and reduced the quality of life of the working population (1). A qualitative study carried on by our research group (made up of occupational health physicians and psychiatrists) investigated the consequences of recession on workers’ health in the ceramic industrial area of Sassuolo (Northern Italy). As a natural continuation of the research project, a joint seminar was organized and held in June 2016 at the local hospital facility (Sassuolo, Modena), with the title “Impact of the economic crisis on mental health”, presented in this Letter. The aims were to give feedback about the results of the research, to improve further reciprocal knowledge (of people and of practices) and more generally to foster a collaboration between occupational physicians and psychiatrists working in the same area.  


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