Occupational exposure to fluorescent light in a pathologist with myopic complications and asthenopia onset

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Marco Quarato http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5813-1941
Maria Franca Gatti
Luigi De Maria
Antonio Caputi
Fulvio Italo Maria Fucilli
Luigi Vimercati



Background: Pathologic myopia is often associated with many complications, e.g. retinopathy, vitreous detachment and glaucoma. To date, occupational exposure of workers suffering from myopic co-morbidities to fluorescence light is not clearly linked to a worsening of retinal damage and eye symptoms. Case report: A 56-year-old pathologist, suffering from myopic retinopathy and other ocular comorbidities, asked for medical examination due to worsening vision and burning eyes, after occupational exposure to fluorescence microscope. Eye examination performed by an ophthalmologist detected a severe chorio-retinal atrophy in peri-papillar region and scotopic-photopic reduced voltages at electroretinogram. Moreover, a workplace inspection noted high light intensity from power source (9600 lux). Considering severity of the retinopathy, frequency of the ocular symptoms and steady occupational exposure both to low-intensity fluorescent light and high intensity light, we decided to declare the worker only fit for specific tasks which do not include the use of a fluorescence microscope. Almost six months later, the worker was recalled for a new examination and she reported the absence of the ocular discomfort that had led her to request the previous examination. Conclusion: In this unconventional case, we considered appropriated to use great caution, to avoid ocular fatigue and prevent possible retinal damage in the worker.


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