Published: 2014-08-11

Original articles

Musculoskeletal disorders and work-related injuries among hospital day-and shift workers

Flavia D'Agostin, Corrado Negro
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Page 346-356

Foot and Ankle Ability Measure: cross-cultural translation and validation of the Italian version of the ADL module (FAAM-I/ADL)

Francesco Sartorio, Stefano Vercelli, Elisabetta Bravini, Serena Bargeri, Michela Moroso, Giuseppe Plebani, Giorgio Ferriero
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Page 357-365

The safety data sheets of the paint and coatings sector: analysis of the items of most interest to health and safety in the workplace

Luca Boniardi, Zulejka Canti, Susanna Cantoni, Silvia Fustinoni
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Page 366-381

Counterproductive behaviors and moral disengagement of nurses as potential consequences of stress-related work: validity and reliability of measurement scales

Alessandro Sili, Roberta Fida, F. Zaghini, C. Tramontano, Marinella Paciello
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Page 382-394

Special articles

Comfort conditions for hypermarket workers: from experimental data to best practices

Francesco Martellotta, Sabrina Della Crociata, Antonio Simone, Leonardo Calderoni, Michele d'Alba, Massimo Cervellati, Nunzio Papapietro
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Page 323-336

A rare occupation causing mesothelioma: mechanisms and differential etiology

Giuseppe Mastrangelo, Emanuela Fadda, Vera Comiati, Massimiliano Dell'Aquila, Emanuele Zamprogno, Ugo Fedeli, Enrico Bellini
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Page 337-345

Forthcoming events

77° Congresso Nazionale SIMLII - Bologna, 15-17 Ottobre 2014

La Redazione
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Page 398

Letters to the Editors

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in nursing: current knowledge and ongoing challenges for occupational health

Florentino Serranheira, Derek Smith
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Page 395-397