Published: 2016-12-13

Original articles

An approach to interpreting restrictive spirometric pattern results in occupational settings

Federica Tafuro, Massimo Corradi
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Page 419-436

Respiratory function in vocal soloists, opera singers and wind instrument musicians

Helen Ksinopoulou, Chryssa Hatzoglou, Zoe Daniil, Konstantinos Gourgoulianis, Helen Karetsi
Abstract 234 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 437-443

Physical activity for longer working lives: an analysis of physical activity profiles of selected occupational groups in Poland

Elzbieta Biernat, Sonia Buchholtz, Marek Góra
Abstract 550 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 444-461

Gender differences and commuting accidents in Italy: INAIL Data Base analysis on fatalities (2009-2013)

Claudia Giliberti, Silvana Salerno
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Page 462-472

Reference rates for cohort studies in Italy: an essential tool in occupational and residential cohort studies

Roberta Pirastu, Alessandra Ranucci, Dario Consonni, Marco De Santis, Caterina Bruno, Susanna Conti, Lucia Fazzo, Ivano Iavarone, Roberto Pasetto, Amerigo Zona, Corrado Magnani, Pietro Comba
Abstract 216 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 5 Supplementary file 1 (Italiano) Downloads 2 Supplementary file 2 (Italiano) Downloads 2

Page 473-477

Case report

Fatal silicosis in a funeral arts’ craftsman

Roberto Calisti, Gianfranco Ballatori
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Page 478-484

Conference report

Letters to the Editors


Ricordo del Prof. Gerolamo Chiappino

Luciano Riboldi
Abstract 256 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 5

Page 493-491

Documents / Codice ICOH

ICOH International Code of Ethics for Occupational Health Professionals: Historical fortune and future perspectives in Italy

Carlo Petyx, Giovanni Costa, Maurizio Manno, Antonio Valenti, Sergio Iavicoli
Abstract 207 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 5

Page 485-489