Published: 29-10-2019

Advances in Occupational Medicine Research

Systematic Reviews in Occupational Health and Safety: where are we and where should we go?

Jos Verbeek, Stefano Mattioli, Stefania Curti
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Page 331-341

Original articles

Plasma levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and the risk of soft tissue sarcoma

Valentina Guercio, Francesca Donato, Claudio Pelucchi, Federica Verga, Valter Passini, Carlotta Galeone, Eva Negri, Giacomo Garzaro, Paolo Boffetta, Carlo La Vecchia, Alessandra Tavani, Enrico Pira
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Page 342-352

Relationship between pleural plaques and biomarkers of cumulative asbestos dose. A necropsy study

Pietro Gino Barbieri, Dario Consonni, Anna Somigliana
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Page 353-362

Occupational exposure to sevoflurane following topical application to painful wounds

Dámaso Fernández-Ginés, Carmen Selva-Sevilla, Manuel Cortiñas-Sáenz, Manuel Gerónimo-Pardo
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Page 363-371

Whole body biomechanical burden of healthcare workers: proposal for a complementary risk assessment and management tool (HOARA)

Alessandro Baracco, Maurizio Coggiola, Davide Bosio, Ferruccio Perrelli, Giacomo Garzaro, Veronica Turcu, Enrico Pira
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Page 372-388

Assessment of mental workload and its association with work ability in control room operators

Fatemeh Kamari Ghanavati, Alireza Choobineh, Sareh Keshavarzi, Ali Asghar Nasihatkon, Akram Sadat Jafari Roodbandi
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Page 389-397

Case report

Fitness for working in a policeman being treated for OSAS

Antonio Sanna, Sergio Garbarino
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Page 398-402

Letters to the Editor