Published: 2020-12-14


Advances in Occupational Medicine Research

Personalised Medicine: implication and perspectives in the field of occupational health

Valentina Bollati, Luca Ferrari, Veruscka Leso, Ivo Iavicoli
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Page 425-444

Original articles

Seasonal influenza vaccination coverage and barriers among healthcare workers in an Egyptian Province

Amani Waheed, Youssef Waheeb, Adel Hassan, Ayman Fahim
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Page 449-456

Job preservation by an office worker with idiopathic cervical dystonia: case report

Alessia Gallozzi, Monica Panigazzi, Fabrizio Scafa, Edda Maria Capodaglio, Stefano Massimo Candura
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Page 457-462

Women and men, authors and victims of workplace bullying in Italy: a literature review

Liliana Dassisti, Angela Stufano, Piero Lovreglio, Luigi Vimercati, Pasqua Loconsole, Ignazio Grattagliano
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Page 463-477

Job crafting and well-being at work: an exploratory analysis during health emergency period

Fulvio Signore , Claudio Giovanni Cortese, Sara Parisi, Vincenzo Russo, Margherita Zito, Emanuela Ingusci
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Page 478-492

Relationship between work fatigue and manual dexterity in dental professionals: observational study

Francesco Sartorio, Giorgio Ferriero, Stefano Corna, Francesca Dal Negro, Mario DeAngeli, Andrea Cudazzo, Stefano Vercelli
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Page 493-502

Letters to the Editor

Comment on Barbieri et al. Pleural plaques and lung asbestos burden.

Pietro Sartorelli
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Response to the “Comment on Barbieri et al. Pleural plaques and lung asbestos burden”

Pietro Gino Barbieri
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Page 503-504