Published: 22-02-2021


Current Italian contribution to research in Occupational Medicine

Antonio Mutti
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Reviews, Commentaries, Perspectives

Methodological issues in descriptive environmental epidemiology. The example of study Sentieri

Catalina Ciocan, Nicolò Franco, Enrico Pira, Ihab Mansour, Alessandro Godono, Paolo Boffetta
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Original articles

Occupational contact dermatitis in a gender perspective: North East Italian data 1996-2016

Marcella Mauro, Massimo Bovenzi, Francesca Larese Filon
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Smoking at the workplaces in Italy after the smoking ban in the Lazio Region

Luca Enrico Ruscitti, Fulvio Castellani, Giuseppe La Torre, Maria De Giusti, Fabio Dominici, Pasquale Valente
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Violence exposure and burnout in healthcare sector: mediating role of work ability

Daniela Converso, Ilaria Sottimano, Cristian Balducci
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User-friendly system (a smartphone app) for reporting violent incidents in the Emergency Department: an Italian multicenter study.

Nicola Ramacciati, Andrea Guazzini, Roberto Caldelli , Laura Rasero
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Acknowledgement to Scientific Reviewers

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