The potential immunonutritional role of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in children with food allergy

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Giusi Grimaldi
Rita Nocerino
Lorella Paparo
Linda Cosenza
Rosita Aitoro
Giovanna Trinchese
Antonio Amoroso
Roberto Berni Canani


cow’s milk allergy, oral tolerance, microbiota, extensively hydrolysed casein formula, short chain fatty acids, butyrate.


Parmigiano Reggiano (PR) is a ripened cheese with high nutritional value. Throughout ripening the bacteria contained in PR promote an extensive hydrolysis of cow’s milk proteins resulting in peptides that exhibit positive immunoregulatory activities. Additional modulatory activities on immune system are induced by butyrate, a short chain fatty acid widely expressed in PR. These findings suggest a possible immunonutritional role for PR able to stimulate oral tolerance in
children with food allergy (FA).


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