Supplement 1/2017 - Nutraceutical and Medicinal Plants

Published: 23-10-2017

Cover and Index

Cover and Index

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The effect of garlic intake on glycemic control in humans: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Shaghayegh Emami, Mohammad Hossein Rouhani, Leila Azadbakht
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Page 10-18

Original articles

Effects of dietary garlic supplements on serum lipid profiles, LDL oxidation and weight gain in Western diet-fed rats

Aliasghar Vahidinia, Hojatalah Komaki, Mohammad Rahbani, Masoud Darabi, Hossein Mahjub
Abstract 340 | PDF Downloads 264

Page 19-26

The effect of chamomile tea consumption on inflammation among rheumatoid arthritis patients: randomized clinical trial

Saeed Pirouzpanah, Soltanali Mahboob, Mahzad Sanayei, Mehrzad Hajaliloo, Abdolrasoul Safaeiyan
Abstract 3696 | PDF Downloads 760

Page 27-33

The effects of n-3 fatty acids and Rosa damascena extract on primary dysmenorrhea

Soheila Davaneghi, Ali Tarighat-Esfanjani, Abdolrasool Safaiyan, Zahra Fardiazar
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Page 34-40

The potential of the Sorb (Sorbus domestica L.) as a minor fruit species in the Mediterranean areas: description and quality traits of underutilized accessions

Francesco Sottile, Maria Beatrice Del Signore, Nicole Roberta Giuggioli, Cristiana Peano
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Page 41-48

Essential oils and fatty acids of Stachys L. taxa, a chemotaxonomic approach

Ömer Kiliç, Fethi Ahmet Özdemir, Şinasi Yildirimli
Abstract 553 | PDF Downloads 163

Page 49-59

Antioxidant potencies and chemical compositions of essential oils of two endemic species grow in Turkey: Astragalus oocephalus subsp. stachyophorus and Astragalus sericans

İbrahim Halil Geçibesler, Lutfi Behcet, Mehmet Kadir Erdogan, Hakan Askın
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 82

Page 60-67

Essential oil composition of two Prangos Lindl. (Apiaceae) species from Turkey

Ömer Kiliç, Aydın Şükrü Bengü, Fethi Ahmet Özdemir, Şenol Çelik
Abstract 350 | PDF Downloads 88

Page 68-74

Essential oils of four Phlomis species growing in Iran: chemical composition, antimicrobial and antifungal activity

Marjan Nikan, Soodabeh Saeidnia, Azadeh Manayi, Sara Saadatmand
Abstract 415 | PDF Downloads 168

Page 75-79

Essential oil composition of two Origanum L. taxa from Bingol (Turkey)

Fethi Ahmet Özdemir, Ömer Kiliç
Abstract 373 | PDF Downloads 117

Page 80-84

Essential oil composition of two Thymus kotschyanus Boiss. varietes from Elazığ (Turkey)

Ömer Kiliç, Fethi Ahmet Özdemir
Abstract 313 | PDF Downloads 187

Page 85-89

Influence of extremely low frequency electromagnetic field on antioxidant system and change of volatile composites in Pinus sylvestris L.

Nevzat Esim, Ömer Kiliç, Deniz Tiryaki, Aydın Şükrü Bengü
Abstract 415 | PDF Downloads 130

Page 90-97

Anti-virulence effects of aqueous pomegranate peel extract on E. coli urinary tract infection

Wissam Zam, Aziz Khaddour
Abstract 3682 | PDF Downloads 624

Page 98-104

Comparison of germination abilities of Centaurea sp. under in vivo and in vitro conditions

Sevda Demirel, Nalan Türkoğlu, Fethi Ahmet Özdemir
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 159

Page 105-111

Appraisal of biological activities of crude extracts with sub-fractions and phytochemical content of endemic Nepeta nuda L. subsp. lydiea from Turkey

İbrahim Halil Geçibesler, Ömer Kiliç, İbrahim Demirtaş
Abstract 369 | PDF Downloads 115

Page 121-129

Effects of auxin doses onrooting of Juniperus L.

Ibrahim Tektas, Nalan Türkoğlu, Seyda Cavusoğlu
Abstract 243 | PDF Downloads 263

Page 130-136

Hepatoprotective activity of Hyphaene thebaica extract against mercuric chloride-induced hepatotoxicity in adult male albino rats

Safia Mohamed Shehata, Eman Ali Abd El-Ghffar
Abstract 291 | PDF Downloads 302

Page 142-149

The effects of phosphorus and humic acid on some soil properties flowers quality of Gladiolus

Mehmet Nuri Çavuşoğlu, Nalan Türkoğlu, Fethi Ahmet Özdemir
Abstract 326 | PDF Downloads 251

Page 150-155