Published: 27-09-2023

Original articles

Link between Mediterranean diet and risk factors for acute coronary syndrome

Radmila Velicki, Milovan Petrovic, Sanja Bijelovic, Jelena Bjelanovic, Natasa Dragic, Milka Popovic, Lazar Velicki
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Effect of a combined mulberry-sage dietary supplement on food craving and body weight: a pilot clinical trial

Arrigo F.G. Cicero, Federica Fogacci, Maddalena Veronesi, Antonio Di Micoli, Marilisa Bove
Abstract 190 | PDF Downloads 62 | DOI

Page e2023047

Correlational study between Body Mass Index conditions in children and their parents in pediatric, adolescence, adulthood ages

Elsa Vitale, Roberto Lupo, Alessia Lezzi, Cosimo Caldararo, Alessandra Rizzo, Simone Zacchino, Pierluigi Lezzi, Giovanni Scupola, Antonino Calabrò, Giorgia Chetta, Pietro Corvace, Maurizio Ercolani, Salvatore Latina, Angelo Benedetto, Federico Cucci, Noemi Cimarelli, Erika D'Amanzo, Rocco Mea, Annarita Mignone
Abstract 283 | PDF Downloads 65 | DOI

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Analysis of the concentration of gamma-emitting radioisotopes in marine fish samples

Claudio Maioli, Stefania Mazzaglia, Mahrail Nan , Federico Cioni
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 21 | DOI

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Novel micronutrient associations in homocysteine metabolism

Hari K Krishnamurthy, Swarnkumar Reddy, Vasanth Jayaraman, Karthik Krishna, Qi Song, Tianhao Wang, Kang Bei, John J Rajasekaran
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 174 | DOI

Page e2023040

Study on the chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of essential oils obtained from leaves of Tunisian Anethum graveolens L.

Marwa Khammassi, Mouna Souihi, Oumayma Kochti, Sophia Loupasaki, Ismail Amri, Bassem Jamoussi, Abdelhamid Khaldi
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 65 | DOI

Page e2023046

Towards adequate food environment in Benin public primary schools, the challenge of food supply and hygiene practices: a case study of three municipalities

Faïck Moctar Yanausse Bello, Elie Koukou, Sam Fifali Bodjrenou, Malikath Véréna Bissola Bankole, Jerome Charles Sossa, Celine Termote, Paulin Azokpota, Waliou Amoussa Hounkpatin
Abstract 227 | PDF Downloads 38 | DOI

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Biochemical and hematological parameters of patients with eating disordered behaviours

Walaa Mohammedsaeed, Ahlam El Shikieri
Abstract 169 | PDF Downloads 33 | DOI

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