Cardiac sarcoidosis and coronary artery disease: a two-hit mechanism to left ventricular dysfunction (Or is It)?

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J. C. Hansen
A. R. Patel
H. N. Nayak
J. D. Moss
N. Sweiss
J. F. Beshai


Cardiac sarcoidosis, coronary artery disease, ischemia


This report describes a case of cardiac sarcoidosis in a 40-year-old man with minimal risk factors for coronary artery disease who was found to have a critical coronary lesion on angiography performed for declining left ventricular function. The case highlights the diagnostic and therapeutic issues surrounding cardiac sarcoidosis and raises the question of a possible link between sarcoidosis and premature coronary artery disease. It also stresses the importance of ruling out ischemia in any patient with declining left ventricular function.
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