Published: 25-11-2013



Leflunomide-induced interstitial lung disease (a systematic review)

Rishi Raj, Kenneth Nugent
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Page 167-176

Original Articles: Laboratory Research

Human embryonic stem cells recover in vivo acute lung inflammation bleomycin-induced

Federica Sangiuolo, P. Spitalieri, M. C. Quitadamo, A. Orlandi, E. Puxeddu, G. Curradi, F Sangiuolo
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Page 177-185

Original Articles: Clinical Research

Socio-demographic profile of patients with sarcoidosis vis-à-vis tuberculosis

Dheeraj Gupta, N Vinay, R. Agarwal, A. N. Agarwal
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Page 186-193

Oncostatin M in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Correlates with the Severity of Sarcoidosis

David Shitrit, Abdel Qader Jawad, Pazit Salomon, Yosef Mekori, Alexander Guber
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Page 194-200

Effects of Broad-Spectrum Antimycobacterial Therapy on Chronic Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Wonder Drake, B. W. Richmond, K. Oswald-Richter, C. Yu, J. M. Isom, J. A. Worrell, R. Shipl
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Page 201-211

Case Reports

Sulfasalazine induced lung toxicity masquerading as sarcoidosis - case report and review of the literature

Ghulam Rehman Mohyuddin, Fatima Sultan, Kai Zhang, Ghulam Khaleeq
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Page 226-230

A Novel Missense Mutation of DKC1 In Dyskeratosis Congenita With Pulmonary Fibrosis

Shu Hisata, H. Sakaguchi, H. Kanegane, T. Hidaka, M. Ichinose, S. Kojima, T. Nukiwa, M. Ebina
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Page 221-225

Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome and Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis at the same patient: first case report in the world literature

Ezgi Ozyilmaz, S. Gunasti, Y. Kuyuku, S. Kuleci, I. Hanta, A. Kocabas
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Page 217-220

Association of sarcoidosis and ulcerative colitis: a review of 20 cases

Pierre André Jarrot, Sandra Dury, Arilanto Rakotomalala, Juliette Vella-Boucaud, Martine Patey, Gaetan Deslee, François Lebargy
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Page 212-216

Chronic bronchiolitis in ankylosing spondylitis

David Marquette, Elisabeth Diot, Anne de Muret, Olivier Favelle, Alain Sonneville, Saloua Mammou, Pascal Dumont, Patrice Diot, sylvain Marchand-Adam
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Page 231-236

Cardiac sarcoidosis and coronary artery disease: a two-hit mechanism to left ventricular dysfunction (Or is It)?

J. C. Hansen, A. R. Patel, H. N. Nayak, J. D. Moss, N. Sweiss, J. F. Beshai
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Page 237-240

Letter to Editor

Seasonality of Sarcoidosis: the ‘heat’ is on…

Dheeraj Gupta
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