Published: 2014-06-20

Original articles

Lung recruitment strategy and surfactant in delivery room

G. Gargano, S. Braibanti
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 7-10

Lung recruitment strategies and surfactant in neonatal intensive care unit

G. Vento, M. Tana, C. Tirone, C. Aurilia, A. Lio, C. Ricci, A. Gambacorta, C. Romagnoli
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 195

Page 11-14

Weaning of infants from non invasive ventilation

C. Gizzi, L. Massenzi, M. G. Pattumelli, C. Moretti, R. Agostino
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 532

Page 15-19

Weaning from invasive respiratory support in newborn: is there just one strategy?

M. L. Ventura, T. Fedeli, E. Ciarmoli, P. Tagliabue
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 399

Page 20-24

Lung ultrasound: diagnostic and therapeutic issues

L. Cattarossi
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 104

Page 25-29

Neurodevelopmental outcomes of premature infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

F. Gallini, R. Arena, G. Stella, S. Frezza, L. Maggio
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 112

Page 30-34

Surfactant administration in spontaneous breathing with N-CPAP for RDS

G. Lista, F. Castoldi
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 208

Page 35-38

Clinical management of the neonatal pneumomediastinum

I. Corsini, C. Dani
Abstract 142 | PDF Downloads 81

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Giovanni Vento, Gianluca Lista
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 23

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