Determination of selected vitamin, mineral and trace element content of Laserpitium carduchorum Hedge and Lamond

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Mahire Bayramoğlu Akkoyun


Laserpitium carduchorum Hedge & Lamond, mineral, trace element, vitamin


In our study, selected vitamin (A, E), mineral (K, Mg) and trace element (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn) levels of the Laserpitium carduchorum Hedge & Lamond plant which is endemically grown in Van Lake basin were examined. When the results of the study were evaluated; Vitamin A level of Laserpitium carduchorum Hedge & Lamond plant was found to be 0.61±0.063 µg g-1 and vitamin E level was 0.77±0.067 µg g-1. When the mineral and trace element contents of Laserpitium carduchorum  Hedge & Lamond were evaluated, K (Potassium) was 868.83± 72.92 µg g-1, Mg (Magnesium) 180.77±18.47 µg g-1, Fe (Iron) 11.74±2.37, Cu (Copper) 9.59±1.1 Zn (Zinc) 23.69±2.46 Mn (Manganese) 34.45±5.35 µg g-1. It was detected that the plant was rich in minerals and trace elements such as K (potassium), Mg (Magnesium), Mn (Manganese) and Zn (zinc).

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