Strong association between malnutrition, inflammation, and depression in elderly patients. A new novel geriatric complex based on malnutrition; MID complex? Malnutrition, Inflammation and Depression in Elderly Patients

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İbrahim Halil Turkbeyler
Zeynel Abidin Öztürk
Zeynel Abidin Sayiner
Mehmet Gol
Eyüp Murat Efendioglu
Seyma Sahinbeyoglu


malnutrition, infiammation, depression


Background/Aim: The proportion of elderly individuals is increasing worldwide and geriatric syndromes
(GS) are associated with a decreased life span. Malnutrition and depression are highly prevalent among the elderly
and associated with poor clinical prognosis. This study investigated the frequency of inflammation and depressive
symptom comorbidity in the context of a cause-and-effect relationship among elderly patients with malnutrition
and/or malnutrition risk. Material and Methods: Participants in this cross-sectional study included 217 individuals
aged 65 years and over. Comprehensive geriatric assessment was performed to participants. Malnutrition and
depression were diagnosed according to the Mini-Nutritional Assessment (MNA-SF) Tool and Yesavage Geriatric
Depression Scale (YGDS), respectively. Inflammation status were diagnosed according to the C-reactive protein
(CRP) levels. Results: According to MNA-SF, 41 (18.9%) patients were malnourished, 82 (37.8%) at a risk of
malnutrition, and 94 (43.3%) possessed normal nutrition. Among the malnourished patients, 51.2% experienced
CRP elevation and 70.7% displayed symptoms of depression. Patients at risk of malnutrition experienced 39.0%
CRP elevation, and 46.3% displayed depression symptoms. There was a statistically significant negative correlation
between MNA-SF scores and YGDS and CRP (r: -0,201, p: 0,003, r: -0,495, p: 0,000, respectively). The incidence
of inflammation-depression association in malnourished patients was 36.6%, 12.2% in those at risk for malnutrition,
and 10.6% in those with normal nutrition. Conclusion: Physicians should be informed regarding the association
among malnutrition, inflammation, and depression in geriatric patients.

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